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By buying points that cross both these numbers, the player increases the probability of winning substantially. The only spreads that cross both numbers when teased with 6 points are -8.5, -8, -7.5, 1.5, 2 and 2.5. On average, 20% of games in the NFL have one side with one of these point spreads. Teasers on these point spreads are known as Wong Teasers, because Stanford Wong’s book, Sharp Sports Betting, showed how to beat them. It is possible to significantly move the odds in the player’s favor by not picking random sides, but by crossing common margins of victory.

  • A teaser bet is kind of like a parlay, but you are buying points in your favor as it relates to the point spread.
  • Some sportsbooks adjust the prices based on the spreads you’re changing, since it’s more advantageous to go from +2 to +8 than from +10 to +16.
  • The only way to master when to use a teaser and when to avoid one is to get practice in.
  • It’s just a bet modification to improve the chances o winning even if the winnings are much lower.

That’s the trade-off you make for moving the lines in your favor. To that end, let’s walk through some more examples of teaser bets. We’ll kick things up several notches and add several teams to the mix, starting with the NBA.

Middle Betting The Middle

To play Play Online Poker Early Bird Cards, refer to the designated separate sheet for teams and point spreads. Quick pick is available for all selections or for teams only. If there is a plus next to the team you selected – add those points to the final score for your team. While the Patriots didn’t win or cover in Week 2, NFL bettors who teased their line were successful.

Off The Board Teasers

The players can select 6-, 6 1⁄2-, 7-, 10- and 14-point Teasers. A Teaser allows the player to add extra points to an underdog’s point spread or subtract points on a favored team. In Off-the-Board Parlays, the point spreads may fluctuate from the opening line.

That’s perfectly fine as it concerns the Rams in their road date against the harmless G-Men. Normally, that adjective may not apply but this current iteration of the Giants is far from healthy, missing their two best skill-position players . Furthermore, Daniel Jones is trying to return from a concussion. Yeah, needing just a straight-up ‘W,’ we’ll gladly grab LA. OK, a slight change from what we’ve been doing with our weekly teasers.

Some books will cap the number of games that can be used for parlays and teasers, so keep that in mind and consult the exact rules at your preferred operator for clarification. If you bet $50 on a regular two-team parlay, your payout will be approximately $180 . But, if you bet the same $50 on the seven-point pleaser bet, your payout will be around $450. If you were to place a regular two-team parlay on the teams, you would need the Packers to lose by less than 3 and the Bills to lose by less than 3.

Whats The Minimum Wager?

College football betting provides gamblers with a greater slate of games throughout the week compared to the NFL, including usually 25 plus matchups on Saturdays alone. On a Teaser card, the point spreads differ from those o the Half-Point card. The favored teams have to cover fewer points in order to be winning selections. The payoffs on the Teaser card are lower than they are on the Half-Point card because of the advantage the player gets on the point spread. On a Teaser card, players may parlay from 3 to 20 selections and receive payoffs ranging from 12 for 5 to 1,000 for 1. The most common types of NFL teasers are either the two-team, six-point teaser or the two-team, seven-point teaser.


If the first bet fails, the second bet doesn’t come through. If you win the first bet, you can then use the winnings on the second bet, essentially building your bankroll. If you are Betting The Point Spread On “Team A” in Football – Favored by -6 – This means “Team A” must beat the other team by 7 points or more to win the bet. Proposition bets are individual bets that can occur with a given game or event.