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What Is A Moneyline Bet? Definition, Examples, Strategies

For example, a $50 bet on a -180 line would win you $27 dollars. Consider an NBA team is expected to lose by 7.5, a fairly Sports Betting Line large margin. This would show as +7.5 for the point spread but something like +220 on the moneyline because they are perceived to be the weaker team. If you are interested in betting on a game and you’re looking to pick a straight-up winner, you’ll first need to identify which of the listed options is the moneyline. In most cases, you’ll see a line for the point spread, an Over/Under line, and a moneyline. The sportsbook will indicate what kind of bet it is above or beside the lines.

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Interested in the Fastest Fee Free Payouts in the Industry? MyBookie is a Legal Online Sports Betting Site, However you are responsible for determining the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction. If the New York Yankees are a -150 money line favorite, you must wager $150 to profit $100 (total payout, including stake, would be $250). Or if the Boston Red Sox are a +130 money line underdog, you must wager $100 to profit $130 (total payout, including stake, would be $230). Without a point spread in money line betting, the margin of victory is irrelevant.

Is It Better To Bet The Spread Or The Moneyline?

You’ll see long home stands or teams heading out on the road to the opposite conference. These are often team-building opportunities and if you catch a team on a winning streak you can ride the wave with them. Conversely, if the underdog is paying +220 then our risk is $100 to win $220 profit + our initial $100. Multiplying this result by 100 gives us a percentage value of 64.28%.

This game is relatively even based on the moneyline odds, as the Indianapolis Colts are an overwhelming -510 moneyline favorite to beat Jacksonville in Week 10. Of course, odds this high seldom hit for a reason, which is why most bettors invest in winning teams to avoid unnecessary risk while making decent money. Moneyline betting does require a bit more nuance and research than it may initially appear.

Reading Ahead Of The Market On Clemson

Moneyline betting is lucrative when the underdog with plus-odds pulls off the upset, however, this is a much less frequent occurrence. Betting a favorite with minus-odds on the moneyline requires a lot of money to be staked, which can be less appealing when trying to rack up money at a quicker pace. The NFL is easily the most popular sport to bet the moneyline. Betting moneyline in football is preferred by many because the only outcome needed is for a team to win their game outright.

Moneyline Calculator can be an indispensable tool to use for evaluating the odds and implied win probabilities at DraftKings Sportsbook. The really important difference is that the line is linear. If it’s a minus (-105, -210, -350), you will have to bet more than $100 to win a $100 payout.

For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are -180 in money line odds vs. the Boston Celtics, they are the favorite. Now, looking at a situation where you bet on mostly small underdogs, say an average line of (+115) over 100 bets, you would only need accuracy informative post on about 47% of your picks to show a profit. You should receive $5,405 in this case while losing $5,300, a profit of $105. Say you can up your winning percentage to 50% at an average money line of (+115). If you are able to do that, you should instead collect $5,750, while losing $5,000, a profit of $750.

Using Line Movement To Guide Betting Decisions

A bet on Dallas would win if they won the game straight-up or if they lose by 7 or fewer points. Both sides of an against-the-spread bet pay the same, but the teams are obviously not of the same quality. A point spread evens things out and gives both sides of the bet some wagering appeal. The other time that offers a best option for point spread betting is when the price for money line betting looks too steep or risky for you. For example, rather than bet -400 on a heavy favorite, you can alternatively wager on -3.5 on the spread, laying only -110 in the process.

Understanding this concept is the primary baseline when attempting to read the moneyline. In the NFL, baseball, the NBA and the NHL, the money line traditionally goes alongside the point spread bets – in many cases being the least popular, especially in football and basketball. In many sports there is no point spread, motor sport being a good example, so in a sport like this, the money line is the only way to bet on the outright winner. One of the most common types of sports betting lines when wagering on a game is the moneyline. You will see moneyline odds for every game and every sport played for the most part.